Friday, March 12, 2010

My So-Called Life Review

I've heard about My So-Called Life pretty much ever since it came out. Well, maybe not quite that long since I was only 7 when it did. Anyway, I'm now giving it a chance and it is a good show, if you're into the whole teen angst thing, which I sometimes love, but not so much right now.
(Disclosure: I'm only about halfway through)

I've decided that the only honorable character in the whole show is Ricky. He is constantly a good friend, even though he has every right to get grumpy at flaky, drunk Rayanne, angsty Angela, obnoxious Jordan, and awkward pervy Brian. He has been through crap in his life, but he's optimistic and sweet with no crazy addictions, or obsessions.

Over all, I like it. It's understandable why it's a cult classic and why it has such a following. And it's not bad looking at Jared Leto throughout. He's very pretty.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On a bad note...

It's no fun finding out you may be getting a cold right after you get over strep.

On a good note though, the clothing exchange was a success! We had a lot of things for people to take with them, but also a lot to donate to DI. So yay! Getting "new" things, and donating to a good cause.