Saturday, July 16, 2011

Grumpy Gus

Do you ever just have those grumpy days? Where you're not quite sure what got you on that path, and you really have no good reason to feel that way, but you just spend the day grumpy and somewhat unproductive. That was today. The first part of the day was nice and pleasant and spent having fun at the Ogden Farmers Market, but for some reason after that, it was grumpy times. So for anyone who had to deal with that grumpiness, I'm sorry. I promise I'll be happier tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

American West Heritage Center

Grandpa had a work party last night at the American West Heritage Center in Logan, UT. Grandma was there, along with Brandon, Marci, Rocky and Daisy, Gavin, Hayden, Indee and Great Grandpa Rigby too. It was nice to go with a small group of people and avoid any big crowds. We were served a delicious dinner of chicken, scalloped potatoes, salad, fruit, corn on the cob, our choice of biscuits or rolls (I chose a biscuit of course), lemonade and for dessert: Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler with homemade whipped cream on top. And homemade macaroni and cheese for the kiddies. Jonah didn't eat his, so I got to taste that too. We had cotton candy and snow cones too. We witnessed a gun fight where Grandpa got blown out of the water, got to ride the train, Jonah went on the pony rides, and was really excited about all the animals. Goats, chickens, a donkey, pheasants, and sheep.

Brandon and Grandma
Brandon and Grandma
In the Tunnel
I love Marci's face in this picture
Daisy Girl
Daisy girl, looks like her daddy
Riding with Hayden
Hanging out with his uncle
Pony ride!
Took a little coaxing, but he really loved it once he was on

Train Ride
Riding with mommy

Thanks for bringing us along! We had so much fun.


I was thinking last night while trying to get some sleep and unsuccessfully counting sheep, "what am I passionate about?" Derek and I had this same conversation just a few days prior, which is probably why it was fresh in my mind.

The conclusion I've come to is that I am passionate about doing the best by my family. Whether it's the way my children come into this world, or making delicious meals that we all enjoy (tonight was biscuits and gravy),
This is just a stock photo I found through google. I forgot to take a photo of my own meal tonight, but I can tell you it was delicious

or learning skills that will help around the house (right now it's sewing). These are good answers to me. There is nothing wrong with aspiring to be a good wife, mother, and all that comes with that. Teacher, chef, housekeeper, clown, singer, public speaker, designer, etc. My passions inspire me. To be better, to try harder. I have quite a role to live up to. I have the most precious cargo entrusted to me. Our Heavenly Father's children. And he wants them back someday, so I have to do my best to make sure they get there. Wish me luck.

Friday, July 8, 2011


I told you I'd share with you any more information I had regarding home birth and the benefits and why I'm choosing to do it this way. I have 2 articles by Dr. Mercola that I think give good medical and scientific reasons why it makes more sense. Here are the links:

Should American Woman Learn to Give Birth at Home?

Is Breast Milk the Key to Mother-Baby Bonding?

I get daily newsletters from Dr. Mercola's website and it is a great source of information on Holistic natural medical treatment and alternatives and lifestyle. You should check it out.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pregnancy Progress

I know I said that I would be keeping my blog updated with all my new findings and birth information and I guess I've done a very poor job. I'm not keeping my promise. I guess it's because I really feel like there's not a lot new to share. My pregnancy is going about the same as last time. I am really blessed and very lucky that I don't get sick and I feel so well. Actually the question, "How are you feeling?", which as all pregnant woman know is the first question you get asked as soon as you walk in the door or talk to someone on the phone, is getting really, really old. I don't know what to say to them. I'm in my third trimester, morning sickness (which was hardly ever there anyway) has been gone for a long time now. It's just normal pregnancy discomforts, back pain, Braxton-Hicks contractions (which I had my first of today), and all of those things I've been keeping at bay with yoga anyway.

Lately I've been looking for a lamaze class, hypnobirthing, something to teach me how to relieve my pain and discomfort in the labor process. But I waited too long. Most of those classes are a few weeks anyway and I honestly don't have that much time anymore from when they start to when they finish. I was able to find a really helpful DVD at the library though. It is definitely geared toward later in pregnancy if you are an experienced yogi, but good for someone looking to start yoga in their pregnancy. Very basic, kinda slower paced. For me, it's not enough by itself, but it's a good supplement. And since I'm no longer able to keep up at regular yoga so much anymore, it really helps. And it has good birthing yoga tips. So I've decided to forfeit classes and just use the information I already have and will learn in the next 9 (I know, single digit!) weeks.

I've also been participating in a local birth group. They also have a blog with a lot of good information, including birth stories, which are so inspiring.

I'll try and keep up more with the information in the next few weeks, but I think the best information I'll have to share is my birth story.