Saturday, February 27, 2010

Family photos

Thanks to my friend Sharon for these beautiful pictures of all of us! I love them so much

Jonah's 1st Birthday

Just waiting for everyone to show up

AnneMarie and Nate came with their little boy Joshua

The Rigby Clan.

Grandma always attracts the babies
(The other one is Joshua)

Dinosaur cupcakes!

Joni and Amy and Joshua helping Jonah
open his presents. And Rico :)

Joshua playing piano

Me and Indee helping open presents

Yay for birthdays!

Feliz playing with Joe and Camille's puppy

His new favorite toy. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Thinking about eating his cake

Sad, because I gave him water to drink and most
of it went down his front! Poor guy!

I can't believe he is already a year old! Crazy, crazy stuff. Thanks to everyone who came to spend time and show their support of us! We love and appreciate you.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Still attempting...

Still working on my crochet skills. In the middle of making a yoga bag right now, nothing spectacular. I need about 3 more balls of yarn to finish it. But I just realized that I DO NOT have the right type of yarn, because it's supposed to be felted. Darn it! It's supposed to be 100% wool, and I have stuff that's almost 100% acrylic. Hopefully it still turns out well. Who knows what it will look like in the end. If it isn't right, maybe I'll just unravel all 7 balls of yarn and start all over again.

And this was my attempt at making an elephant for Jonah's birthday on friday.

No success. I'm not really sure what even happened here. So, I'm trying an octopus instead. Maybe I'll get it right! I just need more practice. Wish me luck! And any crocheters out there with pointers, feel free to share them.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Still here...

But only a week until I'm home again! Jonah has a fever today, so we've been lazy all day, but hopefully its just teething. He's been having lots of naps and baby tylenol, so hopefully he'll be feeling himself again soon. Very soon, because saturday and sunday I'm spending with Heather and Charlotte (2 bffs) in Bellingham, having girl time, going shopping, spending saturday night with Heather and her single friends having an anti-Valentines party. And I can go too because I am away from my hubby, so I can sulk about it. It's been a fun 10 days so far. Spending time with Sara, getting some good crochet in, watching Jonah and Seth like each other sometimes, and not so much the other part of the time :) It's hilarious to watch them interact and see how jealous and grumpy they get, with Seth bullying Jonah sometimes because he can walk and Jonah can't.

Only one week to go and I can rush home to Derek and spend 2 days with him before he has to go back into work. These 7 days better go by quick!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Unexpected trips

So, my sister Sara called today and is flying me up to watch my 3 little nephews while she has a starring role in an opera The Legend of Poker Alice. I'll be in Seattle for 3 weeks with Jonah, both of us away from Derek. That's the longest I've been away from him since we've been married. The last time before that was while he was away at CCV for Boy Scout Camp. I'm excited to go up, be with my sister, see my friends who I haven't seen in a very long time, but it won't make up for missing time with Derek. I just hope he isn't too lonely while I'm gone, because I know I'll be lonely without him.