Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Being put to use

I made this hat for baby Quincy for Cara's baby shower and since she was born 2 days ago she can now wear it.

Baby Quincy in the hat I made her

I didn't get a picture of it before I gave it to her, but now you get a picture of a cute baby in a cute hat.

Fun weekend (#16)

Day 16: Sunday November 28th, 2010
16: Sunday November 28th 2010
Top: F21 2010; Skirt: Purple layered, J Crew 2010 (bought at Downeast Outfitters for $20); Shoes: Target 2008

This picture makes my leg look stumpy from the skirt. But it only actually goes down to my calves. Really tea length skirt. It really is a flattering skirt. But it is the best picture we got from the day.

Merry Christmas to us!
Merry Christmas to us

We've been contemplating getting one for a while. Thinking we would get one as our christmas present to each other. And we wandered around Best Buy friday morning and saw that it was going for $170 we couldn't get it out of our minds. So saturday night we went on a whim and bought it. And Derek loves Mario, so we went for the red one. Jonah likes to play with the nunchuk and it makes him feel like he's playing along too.

Bonus Picture
Cheesecake with ginger crust for saturday Thanksgiving feast

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Crochet Glory!

I've been looking to make myself a hat. This is what I made:

Side view

I also made another one in a different color that I used Derek to model.
Made this-Side View
I am so pleased with the result! If you or anyone you know is interested in one, let me know. Christmas is coming up. They'd make good gifts.

I can also make baby hats, afghans, etc.

Catching up

Hey guys! I've been super busy with the holiday weekend, helping make food for the 2 Thanksgivings we had. One thursday with good friends, and one again today with Derek's dad's side of the family. Making cheesecake, cake, green bean casserole (twice), and a turkey. Going to a few Black Friday Deals. New shoes for Jonah, Graywhale for Derek, Michael's for me. I got myself lots and lots of yarn which I've been making hats out of. But in all this I've been getting dressed up, using my items and feeling good.

Day 13: Wednesday November 24th, 2010
13: Wednesday November 24th 2010

13: Details

Scarf: Thrifted, I don't know when; Top: White Ruffle, Macy's 2010; Tank Top: Macy's 2010; Pants: Old Navy 2010; Shoes: Blowfish 2010

Day 14: Thanksgiving Thursday November 25th, 2010
14: Thursday November 25th 2010
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe 2010; Tank top: Gap 2006; Dress: Floral, F21 2008; Tights: Gap 2007; Shoes: Thrifted 2005 Necklace: Gift 2006

Day 15: Friday November 26th, 2010
15: November 27th 2010
Scarf: Gift 2007; Shirt: Macy's 2010; Tank top: Macy's 2010; Skirt: Brown/White Striped, Gap 2006; Tights: Target; Shoes: Target 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!
Pumpkin Spice Cake with Lemon Glaze for Thursday

Bonus Picture
Close up
Happy Thanksgiving from Jonah!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful

Very much so. We have a blizzard going on right now. Apparently it's supposed to be the worst storm in years. But its kind of exciting. I just want to curl up and watch movies, drink cocoa, and crochet. Oh wait, I do that anyway. But before the storm was a-brewing, I did get a chance to go out with Jonah to play at a friends house. And this is what I wore...

Day 12: Tuesday November 23rd, 2010
Day 12: November 23rd, 2010
Jacket: Thrifted 2010; Top: White Button Up, Thrifted 2008; Scarf: Thrifted, I don't know when; Pants: Old Navy; Shoes: Gold flats, Target 2008(not pictured)

I couldn't find them when it was time to take the picture. Shown here

Monday, November 22, 2010

Love comments

from strangers. It helps me find new people and it makes me feel like I'm getting out there too. So, thanks! Helps me feel like I have something to say that people want to hear. Thanks for the encouragement!

Day 11: Sunday November 21st, 2010
Sunday November 21st
Blue Turtleneck, Gap 2007; Skirt: Purple Corduroy, Downeast 2010; Tights: Ross 2009; Shoes: Blowfish 2010

Holes in tights

I love these tights and am sad about the holes. They are officially in the garbage now. But every time I wore them, they got about 2 runs in them anyway. And one of my friends at church was wearing the exact same skirt as me yesterday. Funny. We know we have the same skirt, so its bound to happen. We got a lot of comments on that.

And it has officially started snowing here. Starting this last weekend. I'm always anticipating it coming, but once it actually gets here I can't wait for spring to come. Although it also makes me want to decorate the house for Christmas. But I usually wait until at least after Thanksgiving. Nothing fancy. Just the tree and a nativity.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Clean up, clean up

Derek and I had a rigorous day of clean up. We organized, moved furniture around. I now have my own craft/sewing desk! My own place to put things. Derek got himself a drafting table, so I got the desk he was using and now have my own place. First project, curtains for the kitchen! I have this amazing fabric(I'm pretty sure it's vintage)that I got from Grandma Jolley's house after she passed away.

Anyway, it's hard enough as a stay at home mom finding reasons to dress up. But especially when you're having a cleaning day. But I did manage to get dressed for the few errands I ran today. Not dressed up, but dressed. Don't expect too much :)

Day 10: Saturday November 20th, 2010
November 20th
Jacket: Gap 2006; Top: Rocky Votolato T, concert 2006; Pants: Old Navy 2010; Shoes: Blowfish 2010
I'm so glad I finally broke these boots in. Took a little bit, but now it's done, they are so completely comfortable! I am so glad I bought these.

Day 9: Friday November 19th, 2010
November 19th
Top: Black Lace Cutout, Thrifted 2010; Layered Top: Borrowed; Pants: Old Navy 2010; Shoes: Gold flats, Target 2008

Shirt detail
Showing the detail with the pink color pop through

Also, I had some luck at the grocery store. I was able to get all this:Coupon awesomeness

For $3.72. It was $0.88 for the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and $1.49 for the Cocoa Puffs after buying 4. I had a $2/3 boxes of General Mills Cereal. So all that cereal cost me $2.13. That's just over $0.50 a box. The milk was $0.99 a gallon, limit 2, so I bought two and didn't even have to give up my coupon. I'll be using it again soon, you can believe that. The mozzarella was $4.29. And I had a $7 rewards, which I did not have to spend $700 to get. I love coupons. So after taxes and coupons, $3.72. It always makes me feel good when I can do that. Yay me!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Number 8

Day 8: Thursday November 18th, 2010

8 of 30

8 of 30
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe, 2010; Top: AE Men's Button Up, Thrifted, 2010; Belt: Charlotte Russe, 2010; Pants: Old Navy, 2010; Shoes: Toms

I know, I know. You saw the same cardigan yesterday, but nothing else felt right today. This challenge is getting a lot trickier than I thought it would be. I picked items that I haven't worn in a really, really long time, to try and challenge myself. And like I said, the skirts I chose don't really match much of anything else I chose. Is it too late to switch things out? Because my sister gave me a cute tan pencil skirt that I know would match stuff. Oh well. Guess I have to wait another 3 weeks to wear it.

Bonus Picture
My viking gnawing on a turkey leg
My Viking

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tri-City Trip

Just a montage of pictures from my trip. Enjoy.

Showing some nip

Jonah likes Grandma's glasses

Issac sleeping

Made this hat

Issac and I
I crocheted this hat for Isaac while watching TV one night.

Cheesing it for the camera

Model boy
He's my little model!

Fell asleep in the car

Enjoying his yogurt

Grandma's glasses
He was always finding Grandma's glasses and putting them on and walking around the house.

Chicken and Portabello Ravioli

Charlotte at Bella Italia

Charlotte and I
Bella Italia is amazing! I always try and make it a point to go when I'm in town. And it's always incredible! And it's always fun to go with Charlotte because she introduced me to it Valentine's Day 2007 or so. We had no boyfriends, no dates, so we went out with each other. And it's one of the best Valentine's days of my life.

Nathan sits on Jonah's head
This is actually a screen shot from a video I took. And I didn't notice it until I was showing Derek all the pictures and things and he's the one who pointed it out.

7 down...

Day 7: Wednesday November 17th, 2010

Cardigan: Charlotte Russe 2010; Top: David Bowie T, Gap 2006; Pants: Old Navy 2010; Shoes: Target 2008

Too many to go. I went into this confident. But I don't think I thought too much about what to match up with the skirts I chose. Whoops. I'll just have to make that more interesting. My last skirt bit was too busy. Reminds me of something I would have worn in high school, which isn't a bad thing, I'm just not 16 anymore. I can't get away with it like I could before. But I'll try my hand in the next few weeks.

Bonus Picture

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Outfits, 4, 5, & 6

Please forgive my tardiness, again. I've been traveling, sick, trying to clean up, etc.
Day 4: Thursday November 11th, 2010

Cardigan-Wet Seal 2009; Top-Floral Button Up, F21 2010; Pants-Skinny; Shoes-Toms 2010

Day 5: Friday November 12th, 2010 (Loving the super awkward pose here)

Cardigan-Wet Seal 2009; Shirt-Floral Button Up, F21 2010; Pants-Skinny; Shoes-Blowfish 2010

Day 6: Sunday November 14th, 2010

Sweater-Black Jacket, Thrifted 2010; Top-Floral grey, Target 2010; Pants-Skinny; Shoes-ON Flats 2005

I've been sick since I've been home, so I haven't dressed up this week yet. I'm feeling better today, so let's hope I'm up to taking a shower and running errands.

Also, cool giveaway here

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Ok, so I've been in my hometown, WA since last friday and have not been able to post any of my outfit photo's since I've been here, so I'm gonna give you a recap of the last 3 days. Please forgive my tardiness.

Day 1! Monday November 8th, 2010

Cardigan-Grey Ruffle, Charlotte Russe 2010; Top-Nautical, Gap (I actually bought this saturday and switched out my other nautical style shirt)2010;Pants-Skinny Jeans, Old Navy; 2010Shoes-Boots, Blowfish 2010

Day 2: Tuesday November 9th, 2010

Scarf-AE 2010; Sweater-Grey Pullover, KMART 2005; Pants-Old Navy 2010; Shoes-TOMS 2010

Day 3: Wednesday November 10th, 2010

Cardigan-Blue&White Boyfriend, Wet Seal 2009; Top-Sequin Tank; Macy's 2010; Skirt-Polka Dot, Clothing Exchange (Merona) 2010 (don't know actual manufacturer's date);Tights-Old Navy 2006; Socks-Gap 2006; Shoes-Blowfish 2010

So that's it for the last few days. On monday and today I was actually wearing a different shirt for like the first bit of the day, then they got food and spit up on, so I changed into something different. It was actually the same shirt both days. I am really enjoying myself so far, but feel like I've already used the easy things and hope I don't run out of ideas. It's fun to see everyone else's compilations so far too. Can't wait to go the whole 30 days!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 for 30 start!

I am stoked to start the 30 for 30 challenge tomorrow. Only problem is right now I am visiting my family in WA and only have about 6 of my shirts, 2 of my shoes, and like 2 cardigans. But it's only until this saturday. Then I'll be back home to all my clothes. And I'm afraid I'll do all the easy, basic stuff first. And then run out of ideas. Uh-oh. Let's hope my imagination stays fresh and I'm not doing anything too difficult to mix all together. And am stoked to have a new nautical shirt to wear that I bought on saturday, so I'm replacing the old one that was way too small! Both Gap shirts. Oh, how I miss working there. Visited my old manager. Well, you'll see tomorrow what I put together. Wish me luck! And am excited for the new followers. WELCOME! I hope you bring more people with you.

Friday, November 5, 2010

30 for 30 Challenge

Kendi Everyday is challenging all of her followers to do a 30 for 30 remix. What does that mean? You get to pick 30 articles of clothing (including shoes) that you have to remix over a 30 day period (accessories not included). You can't wear the same thing twice over the time. I'm supposed to list everything that I'll be using.

Tops: Long-Sleeve Black Lace Cutout
AE Mens Button Up
Red Balloons T
David Bowie T
White Ruffle Top
Blue & White Striped V-Neck
F21 Floral Button Up
White Button Up
Nautical shirt
Rocky Votolato T
Sequin Tank Top
Grey & White Floral Tank

Skirts: Purple Layered
Polka Dot
F21 Floral Dress
Brown/White Stripes

Sweaters: Grey Ruffle
Blue Turtleneck
Grey Pullover
Black Jacket
Grey Hoodie
Blue/White Striped

Shoes: Toms
ON Flats
Grey Heels
Gold Flats

And of course skinny jeans!

Look for these in the near future! I'll be doing outfit posts for the next month.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Looking like a...

Pixie! It's done. I've been threatening it and now have done it. I chopped all my hair off!

I think it's got a bit of a Natalie feel to it

Donating the ponytail to Locks of Love

after the first chop

all the hair after. Still quite a lot after chopping the ponytail off

And I got my boots! They need some stretching out, but then I'm gonna wear the hell out of them!