Monday, January 24, 2011


So we did it. Just decided this weekend to just do it. We have switched all the rooms around. And it is still utter chaos. We were only able to get the big things (furniture and the like) moved before we had to quit. Jonah's old room is now the office, our old room is now Jonah's, and the old office is now our room. I'm excited for the change and for the chance to reorganize and redecorate, to simplify and get rid of things we really don't need and now for Jonah to have a "big boy bed" to sleep in. When faced with having the put the crib back together, we just decided to convert it into the toddler bed. And so far so good. It means that Jonah decides that 6 AM is a good wake up time now and comes into our room, yelling our names and telling us he's "hungy". It's a good, fun thing though to take a new step with him and see him adapting so well to it. I'll post pictures as soon as the house is presentable to show. Going to Ikea in a few weeks to get Jonah's bday present, so we'll probably get some new things then to show too.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New product

Over break I did get a chance to crochet like I wanted to. Found a great pattern for headband/ear warmers. They look like this:

Ear warmer/Headband
If you want one or know anyone else who does, let me know.
I would charge $12. You'll find that's a very competitive price. Get one before winters over!

Christmas and the like

We had a wonderful christmas. Pretty much spent the entire weekend with family. I think we only went home to sleep for most of it. We opened our presents as a family on christmas eve and went over christmas morning so Jonah could help the kids open their presents.


Got this Frog from my parents. He loves giving his stuffed animals kisses.

Ball pit from Grandma & Grandpa (dad's side). Sharing it with Rocky. We had to put it away once all the kids wanted to climb in and Jonah threw a tantrum. It wasn't charming. But atleast we know he likes it.

Baby Issac
Beka and Nathan came to visit and Jonah loves his little cousin Issac.

Bed head 12/24/10
This is what happens when I go to sleep with wet hair.

Looks like he's camwhoring with the position of his arm and his expression. So cute!

With the New Year here, I have no resolutions. I'm just taking it easy, just in general trying to eat healthier and exercise better. Trying to take better care of myself.