Wednesday, April 1, 2009


More pictures. That's really all it is. I just cannot believe how much bigger he has gotten is such a short time. Only a few weeks. I knew I would love motherhood and being home with him all the time, but I didn't know it would be so much fun! Although sometimes I get a bit grumpy and stir-crazy. And on those days we run errands, because right now the weather is definitely not nice enough to take walks, because there is no sunshine! Oh well. Hopefully soon enough. I woke up this morning and saw that Mother Nature's April Fools joke was to snow. In April! Danged it all. It lessened my desire to think of some fun prank to pull on Derek. That and I really suck at thinking up those kinds of things.

Anyways, enjoy the updated pictures!

Taken 3/31/09 just because

This is from quite awhile ago, but Savannah came and visited really soon after Jonah was born with her adorable little boy, Reese, who is a monster compared to Jonah! We really enjoyed her visit and need to do it again soon!

My sister, Sara, came with her cute boys for my other sister's wedding, Beka. Her youngest, Seth, was born just 2 days shy of a month before Jonah, so we had to take a comparison picture. And I like how Jonah looks like a banana in his yellow sleeper :)

Beka and her cute new hubby, Nathan holding Jonah after his blessing

Sara and Seth

I love his tiny hands

Happy baby

Scuzz baby


Miller Time said...

I love reading your blog... You are such a cute mom! :)

brad&sav said...

he is so so strong in that video! i love it! reese was so lazy forever he would just lay there with his head down.. oh, my i love all the pics! i need to come and visit you guys again cause it looks like he has changed so much!

Caleb and Becky Rigby said...

I love his little scuzz picture. He's so dang cute!

Luanne Hardy said...

Oh Jonah and Seth are so cute! He's getting big...