Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brief showing

In honor of Jonah's 3 month birthday, here are a few pictures


Kylee said...

So cute! I love them - she does a great job with pics - I love the colors.

We actually already got a car, an impala... no nearly as cute as a hyundai but we got it for super cheap. Ryan got it through his work. I kind of laughed when I read your comment because this whole car shopping time I have wanted a hyundai and finally when we decide just to get a good deal on something else you tell me about a hyundai. Haha - so goes life. I hope all is well - looks like you're loving being a mommy :)

becky rigby said...

I'm done with the brief showing... I'm ready for the real deal! When are we going to get to see all of the pictures? :)