Tuesday, September 15, 2009


As promised, I will be giving you a food post. I decided I wanted cookies today, so I made chocolate chip. Its a staple and we always eat them and about every person I know likes them. So here goes!

Chocolate Chip Cookies
(my mother-in-laws recipe with a few of my modifications)

2 cups butter (instead of shortening. Yuck!)
3 cups brown sugar
1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
6 eggs


3 tsp baking soda
3tsp salt
3 tsp vanilla
6 cups flour
(I put 5 1/2 in and then add little by little to get the right consistency)

Add chocolate chips. There isn't a specific amount, so what I do is keep my chocolate chips in a quart size jar, for snacking whatever, and when I make this recipe I dump the whole thing in. Just the right amount, but if you like more, or less, do what you want.

This is a lot of cookies. Like I said, it's my mother -in-laws recipe, and she has 9 kids. But I just make the whole thing and then bake 2 dozen and then put the rest in 2 quart freezer bags and save them for later in the freezer, so when I have a craving I can just take the dough out and I don't have to make the recipe all over again. So, do what you want. You can half it, third it, whatever. It's easier with my Bosch mixer (which I love!) than when I used to do it by hand. You can make the larger recipe much easier.

Step 1: Butter, brown sugar, granulated sugar, and eggs mixed together.

Step 2: Mix in baking powder, salt, vanilla, flour and chocolate chips.

Step 3: Place on pan and bake at 375 for 10 mins.
(Remember to preheat the oven while mixing all the ingredients)

And the beautiful end resultSO GOOD!

Next time, I show you how to make bread. I don't buy store bought, I make my own.


Michelle said...

Mmmm, those look delicious! I'm going to have a cookie now :)!

becky rigby said...

Aynna, smart thinking to modify it to your taste. They sure were tasty last night. Can't wait to hang out. Let me know when you're free. Squeeze little Jonah's cheeks for me and tell him I miss him already.

The Greens said...

Your cookies taste sooo good. Can't wait to try the recipe.

The Greens said...

That's a pretty good deal. Keep looking in the ads, sometimes you can get it under a $1.