Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweet scores from awesome sale

I got all of it for $41.32!! Most of it's from Smith's, but the John Frieda's from Rite-Aid (you're welcome, Feliz) I get a $5 rebate from Rite-Aid and I finally spent enough at Smith's that I'll be getting my $5 from them. So you could say I got $10 off. So 44 items for $31.32 is not bad at all! Everything is under a dollar if you count that. Some of the stuff on there I wasn't meaning to buy, like the Mountain Dew, but I got a free redbox for getting that one extra thing. So another $1.07 saved. There are 10 boxes of cereal there, but I'll be splitting them with my MIL. Her kids eat cereal. I just hope I got the right kinds. And another bonus is I got 10 cent fuel reward at Smith's and $2 on my +up card at Rite-Aid. Saving like this just makes me so happy and useful! It's nice to know you save more than you spend.


Luanne Hardy said...

That is so impressive!

M. Derek Rigby said...

You probably already told me about the Clorox, but I didn't see it due to the fact that I spend like a total of 45 mins awake a day in the home during school.
Thanks for saving us so much monies.

becky rigby said...

Great deals! We just got back from Kohls and we spent $30.11 and saved $115.81 I love shopping with coupons. That way I can get so much more. =) Yay for new shoes/clothes!