Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pregnancy Progress

I know I said that I would be keeping my blog updated with all my new findings and birth information and I guess I've done a very poor job. I'm not keeping my promise. I guess it's because I really feel like there's not a lot new to share. My pregnancy is going about the same as last time. I am really blessed and very lucky that I don't get sick and I feel so well. Actually the question, "How are you feeling?", which as all pregnant woman know is the first question you get asked as soon as you walk in the door or talk to someone on the phone, is getting really, really old. I don't know what to say to them. I'm in my third trimester, morning sickness (which was hardly ever there anyway) has been gone for a long time now. It's just normal pregnancy discomforts, back pain, Braxton-Hicks contractions (which I had my first of today), and all of those things I've been keeping at bay with yoga anyway.

Lately I've been looking for a lamaze class, hypnobirthing, something to teach me how to relieve my pain and discomfort in the labor process. But I waited too long. Most of those classes are a few weeks anyway and I honestly don't have that much time anymore from when they start to when they finish. I was able to find a really helpful DVD at the library though. It is definitely geared toward later in pregnancy if you are an experienced yogi, but good for someone looking to start yoga in their pregnancy. Very basic, kinda slower paced. For me, it's not enough by itself, but it's a good supplement. And since I'm no longer able to keep up at regular yoga so much anymore, it really helps. And it has good birthing yoga tips. So I've decided to forfeit classes and just use the information I already have and will learn in the next 9 (I know, single digit!) weeks.

I've also been participating in a local birth group. They also have a blog with a lot of good information, including birth stories, which are so inspiring.

I'll try and keep up more with the information in the next few weeks, but I think the best information I'll have to share is my birth story.


Luanne Hardy said...

WEll it's good that things are normal. I'm excited for you!

Pam said...

Hey I just wanted to pass along a couple web sites I love that have to do with helping prepare for the birthing experience

I love this ladies blog. I get her newsletter. I just love her approach and wisdom she has gained from being a labor and delivery nurse and is now a midwife
has great stories from those who have used the method.