Monday, October 27, 2008


So, yesterday after church I noticed after I went to the bathroom, that my cute little Mr. Belly Button may be turning into an outie (audi, whatever you wanna call it.) I got so freakin excited and I think Derek thinks I am strange, but it's cool to me! I took some pictures, but my g's are showing and nobody should see that, but I want everyone to see! So I'll get something appropriate up there.

And also, I feel like a whale. A cute pregnant one. Dave Jolley was home this weekend and we went to grandma's to visit and they said I'm pretty big for 5 1/2 months. Which is ok. I want people to be able to tell I'm pregnant and not just kinda chubby, but if I'm big now, how much bigger am I going to get? I still have about 4 months until this boy comes! And I feel like I get bigger every week! So, picture updates will come and if I am huge, you can tell me. That's ok

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