Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas break, backwards

We actually ended up opening our christmas presents on christmas eve morning, to spend christmas day with Derek's family.

Playing with his new monkey
from Uncle Joe and Camille

He must have gotten something
good to show a face like that!

First Aid Kit from Aunt Sara

Opening my gift from Dave and Mish.
They gave me some painted, wooden fish. Very cool!

They're both very happy to have this book.
The best present my parents have ever given him!

Jonah in front of the christmas tree

Derek and his harmonica holder, from me!

I just like his face here

Derek holding his t-shirt from his
Threadless Secret Santa Package

Jonah was having fun helping his daddy open his presents

Derek's secret santa package!

Jonah's first Threadless t-shirt


becky rigby said...

So cute. I love all of Jonah's facial expressions.

**oh and his cute little legs in the last picture. =)

Taylor and Jodi said...

whoa whoa whoa! did I just see a harmonica holder?

M. Derek Rigby said...

Did you ever! No I just need to learn how to make it sound decent with the guitar at the same time.

M. Derek Rigby said...