Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I know it's been a while since I posted, but I have some stuff to show you!

Saturday was a busy day! I had 2 showers to go to, had to run errands, so when I got home I was pretty ready to just relax. And this is what happens when we're not paying attention...

Jonah's toilet adventures! Do you see what that is? It's a sock.
He also had a Hannah Montana book that I had bought for my niece
thrown in there too, but there's no photographic evidence.

It's funny. When this happened, Derek was laughing so hard and loving it! It was the first time, so we had to take evidence of it, but hopefully this won't be a reoccurring thing.

Also, there is food! I made chicken fried chicken and waffles last night! So good!

I only had tenderloins, not breasts, they were just smaller, which is actually perfect.
Cooks faster, makes smaller portions, but more food!
Find the recipes here and here


Pam said...

I love chicken and waffles. OOOOOOOO I may have to make some

{amy k.} said...

socks in the toilet- classic! ;)

and yes, a play date for sure!! let's do it!

Charlotte Shores said...

Jonah is too cute to ever get upset at anything he does! And you chicken and waffles look delicious! I love whatever waffle maker you have!!!