Friday, October 29, 2010


Jonah has learned how to say it. And not just say it, but identify who grandpa is. It's so cute.

Derek and I got a chance to have a birthday date. Thanks to mom and dad's birthday money and babysitting, we were able to go get lunch at Sonora Grill and then go to the temple. If you haven't been there, you should get it on that. Seriously, so good! Derek got the Flautas and I got the Achiote Chicken. We also have the Ogden High Football Dining card which has a coupon for a free appetizer with 2 entrees, so we got the Chicken Chilaquiles, which would have been meal enough. I should have taken pictures of everything, but the best I got was the leftovers.

And I told the waiter it was Derek's birthday and he got us a free sundae. Just vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, but when it's homemade it's just delicious. This place is locally operated and owned, they buy local produce and products for their menu, so everything they make is only if it's in season. They don't even have a freezer in the back!

Bonus outfit photos for you!

Hat: Thrifted; Jacket: Thrifted; Shirt: Gift; Belt: Old Navy; Skirt: Shade; Shoes: Thrifted; Bag: Vintage (it's my temple bag)


Kylee said...

Cutest way to say Grandpa ever - I love how he uses his lips.

Your outfit is so darling! I'm super loving the temple bag. I really want to find something like that...

And we love Sonora Grill! I could definitely eat there weekly.

The Ottley's said...

How can you say your sense of style is gone?
You're my hero!

fotochikyo said...

Aynna, that is the CUTEST Thing i've ever SEEN! How in the world did he learn that? I love that kid, he's so stinking cute and smart. I especially love that face he is making at the end of the video. the best. can't WAIT to see you two