Sunday, May 15, 2011

Anxious: The Sequel

I just thought I should mention, that I'm not just excited about the decorating and prep process of this baby, although to have that in order and done is a huge comfort. I'm just excited for the challenge of another baby. I'm so used to toddler Jonah now that I sometimes think I won't know what to do with an infant again. I'm excited for the challenge of a baby of a different gender. For trying cloth diapers this time. I'm excited for the challenge of having care over 2 babies, instead of just the one. Figuring out the kinks and figuring out the balance. I'm excited to start this baby on a more regular routine early on, which I didn't do with Jonah.

I know there's a lot more to a new baby than cute clothes, decorating a nursery, and baby showers. And I am ANXIOUS and excited for every aspect of it.

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Pam said...

It is so much fun to add little ones to the mix. You will do wonderfully with the shift from one to two.