Monday, December 22, 2008

You're it!

i am: working
i think: that I don't want to pregnant for too much longer
i am happy: that I have a healthy, happy baby who kicks me a lot and a cute husband who kisses him and loves him
i have: amazing blessings
i miss: my family, especially at this time of year
i fear: not having financial stability when baby gets here
i feel: content
i smell: nothing. No smell in the air
i usually: can control my emotions.
i search: for baby stuff on KSL constantly
i wonder: will he look like a Jonah?
i regret: some stupid decisions I made before getting married
i love: my life
i care: about doing the right thing
i tell: stupid stories
i worry: more about the baby and derek than myself
i am not: good in snow
i remember: the breathlessness of our first kiss. Because it still happens :)
i believe: in the Gospel
i sing: well, I think. In the church choir, in the car, harmonizing with Derek :)
i don’t always: think before I speak
i don’t like: spinach dip anymore. BARF!
i write: silly blogs
i win: christmas song games (machete, knife!)
i lose: socks
i dance: like my mom, apparently
i wish: 2 1/2 months would just pass quickly
i never: nevernever land. (I couldn't think of one thing!)
i listen: to christmas music at work
i don't understand: how I can be so dumb sometimes. It's terrible
i can usually be found: right now? watching House :)
i am scared: of failure
i need: paint the baby room
i forget: small tasks. Scatterbrained!!
i tag: Kylee and Charlotte

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Adam and Cara Rigby said...

That's awesome that you dance like your mom....mine taught me everything I know!