Friday, February 13, 2009


Dialated to a: 3

My midwife says if I continue to progress like I have been, the baby could come soon and I may not make it to my due date. But she also has seen women dialated to a 5 and be overdue. So I'm hoping for the first!! Cross your fingers! And since she's said that, I moved my last day of work up from March 6th to March 2nd. Not much, but I need to work at least one day in March to continue to get insurance through the rest of the month. If I even last that long. I think I would be ok with the baby coming early, even if it means no March b-day. I feel ready to pop. And I know I must be having contractions, but I don't really feel them. Which is also good :)

There is still so much to do though, I'm not sure I'd be ready for him to come just yet. The crib still needs to be put together; I don't actually have the carseat in my possession yet, but I know I have it; I need to pack my bag for the hospital still; there are so many items I just don't have yet. Oh boy. I'm becoming the naggy, nesting wife who constantly bugs Derek about getting things ready and put together. I think he's really getting sick of it. I'm sorry, Derek. I just want things to get put together and in order.

I'll keep you posted on what happens :)

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Pam said...

Yeah for silent labor! I dilated to a 3 at 36 weeks, then 4 at 37 weeks, then 5 at 38 weeks then 6 at 39 weeks and then 2 days before the edd I gave birth to Kady. The more relaxed you are the more likely you progress slowly like you are. Or at least that is my opinion.