Monday, October 12, 2009

Bath time

He's finally able to sit up on his own in the bath and it's so different. You have to be a little more attentive and can't leave his sight for a minute, otherwise he might fall over!

This look is very sly

And this is what happens when you swallow too much water.
But that's my fault. Not very careful. Oops!


Michelle said...

What a cute little guy! Love the last picture :)!

Adam said...

OH!! Those pictures are adorable! I'm in love with the third one and the last one makes me wanna laugh ;) It was so fun to see you guys last week....we should do that way more often. Love ya

Adam and Cara Rigby said...

that was actually from me, not Adam :)

becky rigby said...

Pretty stinkin' adorable Aynna. I can't wait for our little date on Thursday!! =)

The White Way of Delight said...

SWEET baby! Oh he is so cute. You must have fun now that he is able to do more things. :)

sav said...

i love him! i live so close, can i come spank his butt! seriously!!!! it's a form of LOVE!