Thursday, October 1, 2009

I *heart* RS

So, last night the Relief Society put on an activity about beauty and fall fashion and I absolutely loved it! It makes me want to go out and shop and buy new clothes and beauty products and get my haircut. So I already made an appointment for a haircut and an eyebrow wax. And I need to buy a new hair dryer (mine burned out, didn't know about the filters and how to clean them. Whoops!), a brush, a bunch of layering tees, some spanx to suck in my (still) mom tummy. Oh man. No money and so many things I want to buy! I am in trouble.

And I'm also the crazy mom who is entering her baby in the Gapkids Casting Call contest. If my photo will ever upload!

Oh, and today is free cookie day at Mrs. Fields from 11 AM-1 PM. Free chocolate chip cookie in honor of cookie month!

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Sam and Melissa said...

I felt the same way after that activity, I came home telling Sam about all of the things I NEED. That was a fun night. Our ward rocks.