Sunday, October 4, 2009

Highchairs, and Ikea!

On the way to Derek's mission reunion in American Fork friday night, we stopped in Ikea. Got there around 4, ate in the restaurant (so yummy! They may have the best fries I've ever tasted) and somehow we ended up staying almost 3 hours! By the time we left it was almost 7. I say somehow we ended up staying, but any of you who've been to Ikea know how you can get lost in there. It was pretty fun though. I've never before been able to walk the entire place because of time restraints. We spent not too much money for all the stuff we got and I'm so glad! It's such a relief to have an organized home with things all having a place.

Oh, and freecycle is an amazing thing! We got Jonah a high chair! He was getting way too big for me to keep feeding him laying down on the floor.
Perfect, right?

I have 2 bottles full of buttons and a few years back my friend was able to make earrings out of some, so it's something I wanted to try. But all I have are the buttons and some thread, and I can't quite figure out how it's gonna work. How to weight it correctly and stuff. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. If I can figure out how to do it, maybe I can make some on request!

And Happy Anniversary, Derek! Yes, it's been 2 years. Next friday is the celebration. Brand New concert and dinner at Tucano's!

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sav said...

love the high chair! it is awesome! i want it, just for decoration. jonah is so stinking cute, i just want to pinch those little legs!