Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Honor thy mother and father

I just want to say that I really love my parents in law. Being 600+ miles away from my own parents, it's nice to have them around because even though it's not exactly the same connection I have with my own parents, I do love them. And I need that motherly affection close up. It still surprises me a little when I get hugs and kisses from them, but I'm always glad to get them. And as crazy as Grandma Jolley may be, I'm much closer to her than my own grandma. So I really am glad I married into a family that I love. And I still have the traditional in-law problems, but it doesn't overshadow how amazing they are. I mean, I married their son, so they are pretty phenomenal people to have raised the person I love the most in the world. They obviously did a good job.

And I just think it's really important to respect them. Now, having a little boy of my own growing in my belly, I know that someday I will be a mother-in-law to some girl (that is if he doesn't turn out to be the weirdo "Vaughn" in the singles ward and thus has no hope of ever marrying). I don't want those stereotypical in-law problems. I want them to know that I'll be there for them if they need me and I want them to think of me as a second mother. That's what I think of my mother-in-law. And I could have very good reason not to like her, but she has just proven to me many times what an incredible person she is and how amazing a mother she is to them. And to me now as well


fotochikyo said...

dude, how did you make that cool photo thing of you on the side? I want onnnnneee!

Charlotte Shores said...

I like how you mention Vaughn in your blog. hahahahahaha.

Aynna banahna said...

he is the creepy singles ward guy