Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fun weekend (#16)

Day 16: Sunday November 28th, 2010
16: Sunday November 28th 2010
Top: F21 2010; Skirt: Purple layered, J Crew 2010 (bought at Downeast Outfitters for $20); Shoes: Target 2008

This picture makes my leg look stumpy from the skirt. But it only actually goes down to my calves. Really tea length skirt. It really is a flattering skirt. But it is the best picture we got from the day.

Merry Christmas to us!
Merry Christmas to us

We've been contemplating getting one for a while. Thinking we would get one as our christmas present to each other. And we wandered around Best Buy friday morning and saw that it was going for $170 we couldn't get it out of our minds. So saturday night we went on a whim and bought it. And Derek loves Mario, so we went for the red one. Jonah likes to play with the nunchuk and it makes him feel like he's playing along too.

Bonus Picture
Cheesecake with ginger crust for saturday Thanksgiving feast

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Joni and Rico Adams said...

I love love that skirt. I'm a sucker for anything high waisted and full. You look stunning girl. :)