Wednesday, December 15, 2010

End of it all

Picasa's not my favorite tool, but its the easiest to use.

The 30 wasn't completely successful, but it was fun to do. My favorites are #1, 8, 11, 14, 18, and 29. I know I said 29 isn't really my style, but in theory and picture its one of the prettiest. Which ones are your favorites?


Luanne Hardy said...

I started trying to memorize my favorites when I realized I loved all of them. BUt IF I had to pick one I would say that #13 is my favorite.

Tyler and Kathryn said...

Nicely done! I'm afraid how often I would be in work out clothes, no make up, and hair a mess for mine. I need a little inspiration, thanks!

fotochikyo said...

I like #26, I LOVE that skirt. Love you sweetie