Friday, December 10, 2010

Small world!

Tonight was Derek's work Christmas party, so we go. Free food, night out, possibility of winning prizes (cash cards. We didn't win any. Boo). I usually go just expecting to know one or 2 couples, neither of which we're super good friends with, but it's good to see them anyway. When we get there, our friends Scott and Erin have saved us seats next to them, across from another couple we don't even know. We start talking to them, just to say hi, make an acquaintance, and we have a lot in common! And it actually turns out that I was at BYU-I the same time as both of them! We have some of the same friends, were in the same circles and I even have pictures of him from the show where his band played! The world is huge and scary and unknown and there are billions of people in it, but then you just happen to run into someone you know, but also, don't. And one of my other BYU-I friends actually lives right around here too with his wife and family. We go and were bummed not to win any cash money, but gaining friendships is so much better and priceless. And it turns out they like us just as much as we like them because they want to hang out again tomorrow. Which we can't. But it's exciting to know that they're interested. So we'll make sure to get together with them soon.

I wore 2 outfits today. Changed for the christmas party. We'll just call them part A & B.

Day 25 (Part A): Friday December 10th, 2010
Day 25 Part A: December 10th, 2010
Sweater: Kmart 2005; Top: Rocky Votolato show 2006 or 2007; Skirt: Gap 2006; Leggings: Macy's 2006; Shoes: Toms 2010

Outfit 26? (Part B) December 10th, 2010
Day 26? Part B: December 10th, 2010
Top: Macy's 2010; Undershirt: Shade 2010; Skirt: Downeast (J Crew) 2010; Shoes: Blowfish: 2010

Matching purples
Matching purples!

Bonus Picture
Attic Adventure!
Adventures in the attic. I hope I don't have anthrax now.

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