Friday, December 10, 2010

Is this cheating?

I'm technically not wearing any of my chosen shirts underneath, just tank tops, which I don't count as apart of the 30. Is that cheating? Oh well. It's done and I'm counting it anyway.

Day 24: Thursday December 9th, 2010
24: December 9th 2010

Close up

Always get compliments
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe 2010 (please disregard the stain. I didn't realize it was there until I was out and about); Purple tank: ON 2009; White tank: UO 2006; Belt: Charlotte Russe 2010; Pants: ON 2010; Shoes: ON 2005; Necklace: Gift 2007

Only 6 more days to go and I'm done! I feel like I'm finally getting better as I near the end. I will be doing this again.

I've made a decision. Over christmas break, while Derek is home to keep Jonah entertained and happy, I'm going to crochet like a crazy person. Get good enough and get enough stuff finished to start an Etsy shop. The hat I made Derek has gotten some really good responses and I want to reap the benefits from that. And Derek promised to make my blog pretty and more professional looking over the break, so that people will like what they see when they come. Do you like what you see already? What would you change? Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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Linda said...

A tank top? Not cheating!
Good luck with the Etsy shop! I am always amazed at you crafty folk. I can't wait to see the professional site!

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